World Vegan Cuisine

Miss Saigon believes that food is one of the pillars of education, where ethics and conscience play a fundamental role in the balance and harmony of human life, in the relationship and respect for others, animals and nature

Weekly menu

19 A 23 APRIL

(we don't use potatoes in creams)
Beet root cream with garlic, coriander, onion and extra virgin olive oil
2,60 euros (200 ml.)
5.00 euros (400 ml.)

Vegetables pies with heart of palm
13.50 euros (6 units)
Seitan kebab with peanuts, sesame and vietnamise dip
13.50 euros (6 units)
Chili with legumes
11.70 euros (2 pax)

Organic tofu tataki in the oven with sake sauce, bio soy and bio sesame seeds
11.70 euros (2 pax)

Anise brown rice cooked with kombu seaweed
2.95 euros (200 Grs.)
Steamed vegetable salad with purple and heart cabbages, carrots, organic seeds and coriander
4.00 euros (250 Grs.)
Humus with chickpea, sesame and extra virgin olive oil
4.10 euros (250 Grs.)

Organic semi-whole flourwith seasonal vegetables, organic quark yogurt and bio edible nasturtium flowers and leaves from our garden
9.50 euros (3 units)

In accordance with this weekly menu and with the availability of the options of the dishes and side dishes we prepare, for TAKE-AWAY, on the same day, an individual dish
11.50 euros (unit)

(no sugar)
Guava and apple
2.95 euros (220 ml.)
8.85 euros (700 ml.)

100% Cocoa brownie (F20), organic gluten-free flour, organic dates, nuts (no sugar)

4.30 euros (unit) /12.90 euros (F20)
Coconut custard with a black plum sauce
3.90 euros (unit)
Apple strudel with nuts (Available from Tuesday)
4.10 euros (unit) / 15.00 euros (F25)
"Deli Rose" sweet rice with organic beet root with caramelized pistachio and almonds, coconut and organic grapes (Available Wednesday)
4,50 euros (unit)
Organic watercress cake with 100% cocoa, organic mint, organic pumpkin seeds and caramelized almonds (Available Thursday and Friday)
4,50 euros (unit)
/ 13,50 euros (F20)

All prices shown include VAT at the current rate.

The vast majority of the products we use are organic, fresh, local and free of OMG. Miss Saigon's vegan cuisine is above all an experimental, emotional and conscious cuisine, where everything is made and controlled by us. Please let us know if you are allergic to any ingredients or products

Minimum 24 hours advance notice. You can always try it on the same day and on the spot, but priority is always given to orders according to our zero waste commitment. Minimum order value: 20.00 euros. By the website or by call 210 996 589

Monday to Friday from 12:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Miss Saigon Restaurant.

Only after order confirmation by us, we send data for payment. Orders are only accepted after sending proof of payment with reference to the name of the person who placed the order. By bank transfer or MBway. IF you come directly to the restaurant without an advance order you can pay on the spot with cash, ATM, Visa, contactless, Mbway, American Express or meal cards (except Sodexo).

Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:00. Delivery service paid with your order by MbWay. Maximum distance of 15 km. For us to calculate the value, you must send us the delivery address when placing the order. The advance payment should only be made after our response and confirmation by the customer of the acceptance of the conditions.
The service is carried out by the Lisbon Taxi Cooperative, made up of professionals who guarantee us the conditions of hygiene and safety necessary for the performance of the service.

Passion and creativity

From the passion for a better world, to the creativity to transform and innovate the concept of vegan cuisine with over 700 dishes from over 80 countries.

Zero waste

More than 20,000 hours of experience in vegan cuisine, chef Cláudia Salú puts excellency every day, always with zero waste.

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