World Vegan Cuisine

Miss Saigon believes that food is one of the pillars of education, where ethics and conscience play a fundamental role in the balance and harmony of human life, in the relationship and respect for others, animals and nature

Friday, 21

Beans by Sea style and tender pastries with 4 seeds stuffed with pumpkin, pine nuts
Zuchini cream
Mango with red fruits or Beetroot, apple and Ginger
Coconut custard, Cocoa Brownie, Apple crumble, Beet root cake and cocoa pie with ginger caramelized

All dishes are served with an organic green salad selected by the chef.

Passion and creativity

From the passion for a better world, to the creativity to transform and innovate the concept of vegan cuisine with over 700 dishes from over 80 countries.

Zero waste

More than 20,000 hours of experience in vegan cuisine, chef Cláudia Salú puts excellency every day, always with zero waste.

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