Consulting and Training

Every day we deserve to eat the best, but for that we have to be more selective and aware of what we consume and ingest. For over 15 years, our time has been dedicated to the world vegan cuisine. The company Miss Saigon can help you and your family to know where and what to buy to have a balanced vegan plan food. Define plans for better resource management, always thinking about how to avoid waste and apply daily methodologies to reduce consumption and extra costs. We believe that our experience and results in the area of ​​sustainable marketing and vegan cuisine can make the difference you need to improve professional or personal results. We do not work on "closed models", for us each case is a different case, with specific characteristics and therefore, the first step is always to get to know you as best as possible. Get in touch, without commitment, HERE and book an appointment with us online or in person. 

The training plans are designed to measure and according to the needs, both for final consumers and for companies. 

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