In strict compliance with current legislation on data protection, and in accordance with Law 67/98 of 26 October, we inform you that the personal data disclosed by completing the MISS SAIGON forms, by telephone or through the Internet, with reference to the ordering M BUTTERFLY by MISS SAIGON products, services, reservations or information, are only maintained until the services are completed / completed, and e-mails are deleted. Only requests made on the site to receive the "Newsletter", where it is requested, in a secure way, the email and the name are included in the database inserted in "backoffice" and the customer can, at any time, at the reception of a "M Butterfly by Miss Saigon" newsletter automatically cancels the "subscription" of the "Newsletter". The data will be deleted automatically.

Express Consent and Right to Information

"Looking for a better world" * - Subscribe to Miss Saigon's weekly newsletter Miss Saigon, Lda. Has developed throughout its years of activities and actions aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles, sensitizing people to more conscious and responsible attitudes and behaviors regarding the relationship with animals, the environment and health. In order to promote and promote Miss Saigon's vegan cuisine, its weekly menu and the lifestyle associated with the "Looking for a better World" project, we intend to collect personal information, such as your name and e-mail address. Miss Saigon is concerned with the protection of privacy and in this sense it is essential to collect in advance your consent to proceed with the legal processing of such personal data, with a guarantee of the security of the same, as well as the commitment not to transmit the data to third parties .  

Responsible for the treatment
Name: Miss Saigon, Lda.
Head office: Av. Boa Esperança, 4 C
NIF: 508498007 Contact
Phone: 210 996 589

Information and Consent

The Law on Protection of Personal Data (Law 67/98 of 26 October), hereinafter referred to as "LPDP" and the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016) hereinafter referred to as "RGPD" shall ensure the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data. "Personal data" shall mean any information of any nature whatsoever and independently of its support, including sound and image, relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, so that protection does not cover data of legal persons. A person who can be identified directly or indirectly, namely by reference to an identification number or one or more specific elements of his / her physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity (eg his your phone number and your email address). By reading and accepting the "Legal Terms" and "Privacy Policy", the user / subscriber gives his informed, express, free and unambiguous consent for the personal data provided to be included in a data processing done by Miss Saigon, Lda ., under the terms of the LPDP and the RGPD, concerning both organizational and technical security measures. The personal data we collect and treat will only be used for the following purposes:

- Sending the weekly digital newsletter "In the kitchen Miss Saigon / Looking for a better world";
- Management of table reservation requests;
- Management of products orders;
- Management of requests for information.

The data collected and processed will never be ceded to other persons or entities, without your prior consent. As well as will never be transferred to other countries without your prior consent. The user / subscriber warrants that the information provided is true, accurate, complete and current and is liable for any damage or loss, directly or indirectly, that may be caused as a result of breach of that obligation. In the event that the data provided belongs to a third party, you warrant that you have informed a "third part/person" of the aspects contained in this document and obtained your authorization to provide your data to Miss Saigon for the aforementioned purposes. Only in the case of the subscription to the Miss Saigon Newsletter will the data be kept until the user so desires or Miss Saigon to communicate in writing the deletion of the same. The data collected for "Table Reserve", "Order Order" and "Request for Information" are permanently and safely disposed of with the completion / completion of the services or response to the information requested.


In accordance with the RGPD, the collection of personal data is only considered lawful if it is carried out on one of the following grounds:
▪ Consent has been given to the processing of personal data;
▪ Treatment is necessary for the conclusion of a contract or for its execution;
▪ The treatment is necessary to fulfill the legal obligations to which MISS SAIGON is subject;
▪ Treatment is necessary to achieve a legitimate interest that prevails over the right to the protection of personal data;
▪ Treatment is necessary for us to testify, exercise or defend a right in legal proceedings against you, us or a third party.
In this way, MISS SAIGON, in strict compliance with the RGPD, may collect personal data for the reservation of a table or order a product;
For the purposes of MARKETING and / or newsletter submission and / or sending commercial and / or promotional communications, MISS SAIGON only treats personal data with prior, free and informed consent.
MISS SAIGON may only process the personal data of individuals under the age of 13 (thirteen) years, when the prior consent of the holders of the minor's parental responsibilities has been obtained. The identity of the holder of the parental responsibilities over the minor will be verified by the MISS SAIGON Management, or by whom it is indicated by the latter, through verification and analysis of the relevant documentation and using the available technology.
The MISS SAIGON website may contain links that redirect the data owners / users to other websites, whose Privacy Policy may differ from the Privacy Policy on this site. MISS SAIGON advises you to check the Privacy Policies of these sites before disclosing any personal data.
MISS SAIGON is not responsible for any Privacy Policy, content or use of cookies from other sites.

The personal data provided by the data subject in connection with the provision of a service, the purchase of a product or the
may be used for the following purposes:
▪ Establish contact;
▪ Send e-mails related to the order and / or reservation services of the table;
▪ Respond to requests or questions.
The personal data provided by the data subject for the purposes of MARKETING, obtained with the
consent, free and informed, may be used for the following purposes:
▪ Communication of special offers, promotion actions and on the Miss Saigon kitchen activity;
▪ Newsletter submission "Looking for a better World".
Through the contact form, MISS SAIGON processes the following data
▪ Name;
▪ Mobile phone;
▪ E-mail;
For the purpose of MARKETING and / or sending of newsletter and / or sending of communications of nature
commercial and / or promotional, MISS SAIGON processes the following personal data:
Mobile Phone
Only the above data will be used for the purposes of MARKETING and / or sending newsletter and / or sending commercial and / or promotional communications by MISS SAIGON.

MISS SAIGON uses authentication and encryption methods and tools to ensure and help protect and keep your data safe, integrity and availability of your personal data. Although it is impossible to ensure complete security of the data transmitted via the internet or website, MISS SAIGON works hard to ensure that personal data is kept as safe as possible.
Personal data is protected and maintained in physical, digital and procedural safe.
In order to safeguard the integrity and security of personal data, MISS SAIGON uses the following security measures:

Access register;
Limitation of digital and physical access;
Access passwords;
Security certificate associated with the domain for safer navigation on the site, especially when
there are forms for collecting personal data;
One-way data encryption;
Protection of the backoffice system with anti-virus and firewall against attacks and attempts to access the personal database;

MISS SAIGON may only process personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected.
Personal data collected by completing the online contact form or when it is done through a telephone or face-to-face contact may be handled by MISS SAIGON during the entire period of communication in the legitimate interest of MISS SAIGON and / or completion of the reservation service. table or order
and / or when necessary for the fulfillment of legal obligations.
For the purposes of MARKETING and / or sending newsletter and / or sending commercial and / or promotional communications, personal data will be processed up to a maximum period of two (2) years, counted from the collection of your consent. As soon as the deadline for the use of this personal data is reached, MISS SAIGON will be able to communicate the situation and request new consent or proceed to the safe and permanent disposal of the data, informing the respective users.

In accordance with the provisions of the LDPD and the RGPD, the user may exercise his rights of access, rectification, elimination and opposition by requesting it in writing by any of the following means, including, in any case, a copy of a supporting document of your identity and specifying the right (s) you wish to exercise.
These are rights such as: right to information, right of access to data, right to consult collected data, right to rectify collected data, right to restriction of treatment, right to erasure of data, right to forgetfulness, the right to portability of data and the right of opposition to the collection of data.
The exercise of these rights by the data subject with respect to personal data processed in the context of the provision of the service when his
treatment is necessary to fulfill the legal obligations to which MISS SAIGON is subject or when it is intended to safeguard the public interest, may be limited.
Thus, the data subject may request from MISS SAIGON that:
• Additional information is available on how we use your personal information;
• A copy, in whole or in part, of any personal data submitted by you;
• That your personal data be provided to another controller at your request;
• Changes or corrections are made to the personal data submitted by you;
• That any personal data submitted by you is erased;
• That the use of your personal data be limited or suspended until the complaint
to the Data Protection Authority is investigated.
The data subject may exercise their rights through written contact with MISS SAIGON by completing the contact form available on the website or through any other means provided by MISS SAIGON, namely through the email:
MISS SAIGON undertakes to proceed expeditiously in the analysis of its request and to respond in a maximum of one (1) month.


Exercise of rights

In accordance with the provisions of the LDPD and the RGPD, the user may exercise his rights of access, rectification, elimination and opposition by requesting it in writing by any of the following means, including, in any case, a copy of a supporting document of your identity and specifying the right (s) you wish to exercise:

Miss Saigon
Av. Boa Esperança, 4C
1990-043 LISBON

Any additional information regarding the protection of privacy can be obtained from CNPD - Data Protection Commission - Rua de S. Bento, 148 - 3º - 1200-821 LISBOA / Tel .: +351 213928400 / Fax: +351 213976832 / e -mail:

Dispute Management:
Miss Saigon , Lda . Is a member, since 2008 , to the Arbitration Convention to consumption In case of dispute , the consumer can use the Entity Consumer Dispute Resolution:
Arbitration Center of Lisbon Consumer Disputes
Rua dos Douradores , 116, 2
1100-207 Lisboa
Tel . 218 80 70 30  
For more information see the consumer portal :

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