Vegan Life

M Butterfly believes that food is one of the pillars of education, where ethics and conscience play a fundamental role in the balance and harmony of human life, in the relationship and respect for others, animals and nature.

M Butterfly's veggie guesthouse is Miss Saigon's latest project. With accommodation available for booking on both international destination/travel online platforms. Here you will find nature in its purest state, in one of the richest places in archeology in the municipality of Ansião and where the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle is part of the experience.

Green marketing

From passion for a better world, to the creativity of transforming, acting and initiating the process of natural change. We believe in the future of the circular economy. Contact us for environmental and ethical marketing consulting services.

60’ with the chef Cláudia Salú

Over 20,000 hours of vegan cooking experience, chef Cláudia Salú puts excellence in food as the basis for all balance. Contact us for personalized, one-on-one online sessions in vegan cooking. (only Portuguese language)

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