World Vegan Cuisine

From the passion between the East and the West blossomed the idea of the name Miss Saigon, inspired by Puccini's work.
Due to its multicultural  gastronomy, its constant research and grown experience, Miss Saigon it's a cuisine which world spreads veganism and gathers at the same table all the nations from East to West, passing over to each food the passion and the harmony between the human being and nature.
The world wise cuisine ,Miss Saigon, was founded in 2009, a project by Claudia Salú and Paulo Almeida with the signature of the architect Claudia Figueiredo. Miss Saigon is placed in one of the most emblematic buildings (Navitejo) of the Parque das Nações district, elaborated by Aires Mateus architects. Miss Saigon's kitchen is in the middle of it's set ("fire" element), representing the heart, passion! In on side there's a green park with trees ( "earth" element) and on the other side, the Tejo river ("water" element). Above Miss Saigon there is the sky ( "air" element ) representing freedom, the infinite and perseverance!

Conscious, honest and responsible cooking

At Miss Saigon there is a constant concerning in minimising leftovers and the option for ethical, balanced and sustained production and consumption. The examples are the daily purchase of seasonal fresh products, mainly vegetables and the option for organic food supplies like tofu, various leguminous, cereals as well as certain spices and aromatic herbs. On the other hand there is the concerning of not using transgenic like in soya or other leguminous products, looking for suppliers that guarantee the non existence of O.M.G.'s. We prefer national products from sustained productions within fair trade and certificated quality. All this, in an open, transparent kitchen and always with the main project leaders present and available at any time to clarify, help and inform about vegan and vegetarian food.


Miss Saigon cuisine was distinguished by the “Lisboa à Prova” gastronomic contest, Time Out and Visão magazines, the “Lisboa à Mesa” guide, several international tour guides as one of the recommended restaurants to visit in Lisbon!
In 2015, the Daily Meal North American portal distinguished Miss Saigon vegetarian cuisine as one of the top 25 vegetarian restaurants in the world. In 2016, American Express's “Essentials” website ranked Miss Saigon as one of the best vegetarians in the world. In December 2015, Miss Saigon kitchen was part of Nespresso Magazine's “city guide” about Lisbon Autumn2015 / Winter2016. The magazine is distributed in over 45 countries with a total of over 1 million copies. In 2019, the world's largest vegan portal “Happy Cow” elected Miss Saigon cuisine as one of Lisbon's top 10 vegan restaurants. Also this year, travel and lifestyle portal "7Big Travel" considered Miss Saigon's vegan cuisine the 6th best in Europe.

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